"At Little Critter's, the children develop a lasting love for learning,

while having a lot of fun in the process."


Suzanne's Little Critter's Overview:

Little Critter's is a pleasant, friendly place for each child to grow both educationally and socially with a warm nurturing environment. The happiness and well being of each child is of utmost importance to me. In this setting, I strive to enhance the self-esteem as I offer them a variety of new experiences and opportunities while developing emotional, physical and intellectual growth.

Little Critter's Mission:

Little Critter's mission is to provide rich educational experience for children that nurtures love of learning, encourages intellectual curiosity and fosters self confidence in a clean, safe and caring environment.

Little Critter's Curriculum:

Little Critter's program is structured with a daily routine to provide an atmosphere of security and an order of sequence for the children. Each month we study and explore a new theme, new color and new shape through math, science, language arts, music and art projects, as well as an introduction in the Spanish language. Through the curriculum and small class size, I provide each child with a positive self-image and a strong beginning towards independence.


Objectives And Goals:

Choice Making:

The curriculum and setting offers children the opportunity to choice from a variety of activities.


The chosen activities encourage children to create their own ideas through art projects, fine and gross motor manipulative exercises such a block construction and other themed unit stations.


Talking with other children fosters a child's sense of self and self-esteem. Through conversations, children learn new words and learn to cooperate.


Creative play materials encourage children to question, experiment and pretend. "Real experiences" kitchen/housekeeping area, provide children to develop vocabulary and gain understanding of the world around them.


Discussing events that are relevant to everyday lives provides children with opportunities to exercise their curiosity.



Certified Teacher - 26 Years Teaching Experience - Large Family Childcare - Licensed - Approved Teaching Assistants On-Site

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Class size is limited.