Families Share Some Thoughts:

"Max was in his second year with Mrs. DeLane and making positive progress in his speech and academics. He was five years old and turning six in September and could have entered kindergarten. Mrs. DeLane in her infinite wisdom recommended to us that he stay another year in preschool before entering the world of kindergarten. She thought it would be in Max's best interest to have him another year. I did not hesitate to follow her advice as she knew max so well and would not have even broached the delicate subject of 'keeping a child behind' per se, if she thought it was not in the child's best interest. Each year since I am reminded of our decision and knew it was the right one for our family. Yes, she still does remind me to 'Wake up and smell the coffee.' Max thoroughly enjoyed his three years with Mrs. Delane and holds a special place in his heart and always will. Plus, she intoduced him to the world of orange Tic-Tacs!! It's the little things in life that are important in a child's mind."

Carrie Manning, Parent

"My son's kindergarten year with Mrs. DeLane gave him a solid foundation for success in first grade. He was reading, had math skills and even spoke a little Spanish."

Kathie McIsaac, Parent

"Since my daughter has chosen a full career, I am my granddaughter's principal caretaker. I was concerned about her academics and being challenged academically. I knew I was giving her enormous amounts of love and attention, but I was searching for the academic challenge. Mrs. Delane was the the teacher I was looking for ... her love and dedication as a teacher is amazing. My granddaughter, Rebecca, has gained personal confidence through Mrs. Delane's guidance, as well as being enriched with a full range of academics. Mrs. DeLane's most important gift is her ability to reach every child."

Paulette Baine, Rebecca's Noni

"My favorite part of all the years with Mrs. DeLane was when I got to assist in a field trip.I got two kids. They were so fun. That was my favorite part of all the years with Mrs. DeLane."

Max Baumler, Former Student

"Considering my daughter has a late August birthday, I was searching for a Pre-K program. Gratefully I was introduced to Mrs. DeLane though a friend whose daughter was already in three-day morning program. My daughter entered the transition afternoon class and made continuous progress socially, emotionally and academically. To our family, Mrs. Delane truly has a special gift for teaching as well as a fabulous sense of humor, with exceptional motivational talents and a strong devotion to every child's needs".

The Robin Family

"Suzanne has taught three of my children and they still remember what they learned and what fun they had during their preschool years - especially Spanish and Pig Day. Suzanne is loving, organized and a good disciplinarian and it is obvious she loves her job, her students and school. I highly recommend Suzanne's Little Critters.

Julie Griffin, Parent



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